National Day - Feiertage

My dad and I coordinated our application trip to coincide with the Luxembourg National Day – Feiertage – on June 23.  The National Day was established to celebrate the birthday of former Grand Duchess Charlotte.  Her birthday was actually, January 23, but that’s a terrible day for a National Day celebration, so the country decided on June 23 as a more appropriate date. 

The festivities they day prior included a huge street festival, with music stages throughout Luxembourg City, a torchlight parade and a spectacular fireworks display.

The events on Sunday included a military parade, a 21-gun salute to the Grand Duke and a solemn church ceremony called a te deum.

We waded in to the Saturday festivities and had some great drinks, food and musical adventures – the biggest of which took place right outside our hotel room window until well after midnight!

We missed the Sunday events, but were fortunate enough to see the Grand Duke and his family return to the Royal Palace after the parade and salute.

It was surreal, yet inspiring, to celebrate the national holiday on the day before we submitted our applications to become citizens.